Good listeners, yet poor interpreters

Dear readers and friends,

Dr. RUDOLF DREIKURS said that children are „good observers, yet poor interpreters”.

My attention was drawn to the quote above and here I am trying to make my own observations. I am using the experience gathered in the program KREATIVE ERZIEHUNG – a private educational project developed by the GOGALNICEANU Foundation – in the attempt to observe and to understand people (children and adults) and help them. My observation is that children are simply better observers than adults, but people in general are „poor” interpreters. This could be another sign of our individuality, and another brick in the foundation of understanding the human need for mutual respect and the efforts to have patience in relation to each other.

The idea of this project (observation and writing about) came to me after ANTHEA MILLAR’s Romanian Conference on Autism and Therapeutic Approaches (March, 2012 – APPAR-Romanian Adlerian Association).

ALFRED ADLER used to say that „everything could be different”(ANSBACHER, 1957, p. 363). Therefore, I tried to see things from a different perspective and to understand the interactions between children and adults (educators or/and parents).

Here, http://arpcapa.ro/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/prezentare-de-caz.pdf, you can enjoy this article from the Romanian Psychiatric Journal of ARPCAPA (Romanian Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Linked Professions), number of December, 2013.

Thank you for taking the time to read this material.

If you wish to provide feedback, it would be a useful learning tool for me and I would like to thank you in advance,

Razvan Gogalniceanu



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